Chronic Pain / Illness & Support

Does it seem like distance has been growing between you and loved ones because of your chronic illness? The diagnosis of a medical condition and chronic pain is just too much and you are feeling the impact of this on your life every day. You are tired and everything is becoming a struggle to do because of the persistent pain and fatigue. And all of these changes are causing a strain in your relationships. Chronic illness and pain have created change in how you interact with others and no matter how hard you try, no one seems to get it. They do not understand what you are going through and it is so frustrating. You feel alone in this struggle and wonder how your future will take shape under these new circumstances.

Feeling this way is normal and as a therapist who experiences life with chronic pain and illness, I know how stressful and overwhelming this experience can be. The good news is that you do not need to be alone in this struggle. By working together, we can build upon your strengths and create a plan so that you get the support you need. I hope to have the opportunity to help you on this journey so that you can get back to living life with greater ease and comfort.

Taking The Next Step Toward Your Healing Path

If you are ready learn more about how I can help, please call me at 818-599-3048 for a free phone consultation. My office is in Westlake Village, off the Lindero Canyon exit.  You can also learn more about ways to manage chronic pain and illness by clicking here and here.