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Women's Health Counseling

I am Daniela Paolone and I am here to help, because I get what it's like to have an invisible illness.

Let's work together in a way that leaves you feeling empowered and in control of your circumstances.

I support those with anxiety, chronic pain and medical illness go from thinking that they have to pretend that everything’s fine, to honoring and acknowledging where they are in their healing journey.

They might find it hard to talk to friends and family about their worries because they find themselves feeling judged, isolated and misunderstood by those closest to them when they openly talk about their health and anxiety challenges.

While this can be a common experience for many, please know you are not alone in this. It’s okay to have hope that change is possible. The way you connect and interact with others can be more meaningful so that you feel loved, validated and understood. Chronic illness, anxiety and chronic pain can be isolating experiences, but they don’t have to stay that way. I would love to be able to support you on your path towards living a more rewarding life with greater ease and connection to others.

The reason I am truly passionate about helping others is because I have lived with chronic pain and illness for the past decade and have gone through many of the emotional ups and downs in the process.

My hope is to collaborate with you in a relatable way so that you are supported based on where you are right now. Chronic illness, pain and anxiety do not get to take over. You deserve to live your life with greater ease on your own terms, no matter your circumstances.

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