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A Caregiver’s Journey Through Cancer

This is a journal entry from a dear friend of mine who gave her blessing to share her words as both a caregiver and a spouse to someone going through cancer treatment. The names have been changed to protect their privacy, but the hope is that her words will help those going through similar struggles, and will resonate with others that share similar stories.

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The Caregivers Guide to Understanding the Chronic Pain and Illness Experience

Trying to show support to loved ones living with chronic pain and illness is hard. You may even feel like your efforts to help are falling short. In this article I explore some main points about this topic so caregivers and loved ones have more information about chronic pain and illness.

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Secondary Trauma and Its Impact on Caregivers

Are you familiar with the term secondary trauma? Chances are that this is the first time you are hearing about it, so let me give you a brief description of what this phrase actually means. Secondary trauma is defined as experiencing, hearing about, or being witness to life threatening or life-changing events of another person on a regular basis.

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An Open Letter to Those with Chronic Illness / Pain and their Caregivers

Some people say that change happens when we push ourselves outside of our comfort zone so that is what I am doing today in writing my first blog post! In sharing a little about myself, my hope is to provide support and be a voice for those of you who suffer from chronic illness and pain since this is also part of my story. I also hope to provide some clarity to those of you who are supporting friends and loved-ones dealing with a chronic health condition.

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