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The Anxiety, Chronic Pain and Illness Connection

Living with chronic pain and illness can bring up a lot of anxiety. You might be feeling a daily sense of worry, wondering if you will be able to manage your anxiety that increases when health and pain symptoms suddenly strike. While everyone’s anxiety symptoms and experiences with chronic pain and illness are different, I hear so many stories about how health symptoms interfere with daily life.

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The Caregivers Guide to Understanding the Chronic Pain and Illness Experience

Trying to show support to loved ones living with chronic pain and illness is hard. You may even feel like your efforts to help are falling short. In this article I explore some main points about this topic so caregivers and loved ones have more information about chronic pain and illness.

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Chronic Illness Support: How to Parent Your Child with Medical Illness

When becoming a parent the last thing that comes to mind is the possibility that your child will develop a chronic illness. When chronic illness affects your child, the impact it can have on the whole family is significant. Of course the child is not the only one who is affected but the parents and siblings are experiencing it too.

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Over the Hurdle of Medical Illness: How Do I Adjust to Life Now?

Have you recently moved passed the hurdle of your medical illness? Are you feeling better now for the most part? Do you find that you have more energy to interact with others and get back to what you enjoy? In the past, most of your time was put towards doctor appointments, medical treatments and more. But now all of that has changed. You have fewer medical appointments, giving you more time to get back to what it is you enjoy doing most.

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An Open Letter to Those with Chronic Illness / Pain and their Caregivers

Some people say that change happens when we push ourselves outside of our comfort zone so that is what I am doing today in writing my first blog post! In sharing a little about myself, my hope is to provide support and be a voice for those of you who suffer from chronic illness and pain since this is also part of my story. I also hope to provide some clarity to those of you who are supporting friends and loved-ones dealing with a chronic health condition.

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