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How To Survive and Thrive During the Holidays – Holiday Stress Edition

How can we get through the holidays more stress free? This can seem managing holiday stress is an impossible task, but by exploring some ideas shared here you will see that it is possible. After all, the holidays are not just about running around trying to please everyone. That desire to please others and be everywhere for everyone can leave you feeling both depleted and resentful. Instead, these ideas can help keep the stress and overwhelm at bay allowing more time for fun, enjoyment and connection.

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Just Breathe – Breathing Exercises to Feel More Resilient and Relaxed When Feeling Overwhelmed 

Practicing deep belly breathing is one of the most effective ways to help calm down the mind and body. To get an idea about what a deep belly breath looks like, I want you to place one hand under your belly button and the other hand on your chest.

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Two Common Meditation Myths and What you Can Do To Overcome Them

There are so many studies showing the positive effects of meditation such as improved sleep, reduced blood pressure and greater focus to name a few. Even though we are aware of these benefits, it seems to be hard to actually implement this practice. Why is this? Well for many, the idea of mediating can sound a little intimidating.

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7 Helpful Steps for Pain Management Without Medication (Part 2)

Pain management often means incorporating a regular self care routine. That is because our bodies respond well when we stick to a schedule. This is especially true when talking about sleep routines for pain management. When we do this, our body intuitively knows when to go to sleep and when to wake up in the morning which aids in healing and repair work.

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An Open Letter to Those with Chronic Illness / Pain and their Caregivers

Some people say that change happens when we push ourselves outside of our comfort zone so that is what I am doing today in writing my first blog post! In sharing a little about myself, my hope is to provide support and be a voice for those of you who suffer from chronic illness and pain since this is also part of my story. I also hope to provide some clarity to those of you who are supporting friends and loved-ones dealing with a chronic health condition.

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